Dennis Prager: “Happiness is a Mitzvah, Not an Emotion”

Annual Ariel Avrech Memorial Lectures

7th Annual Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture
Dennis Prager: “Happiness is a Mitzvah, Not an Emotion”
13 June 2010

Dennis is widely sought after by television shows for his opinions. He’s appeared on Larry King Live, Hardball, Hannity’s America, CBS Evening News, The Today Show and many others.

Dennis is the author of several best sellers including the seminal work on anti-Semitism, Why the Jews, co-written with Joseph Telushkin. Happiness Is A Serious Problem, Think A Second Time, and The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, also co-written with Joseph Telushkin.

More important to us is a personal connection. Ariel was an enthusiastic fan of Dennis’ radio show. During our son’s long illness, when he was confined at home and in the hospital, Ariel listened to Dennis on a regular basis and commented: “There’s a lot of Torah in what Dennis says.”

Recorded by Marc Franklin


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