Letter to Members (July 28, 2016)


Dear Members,


We are trying our very best to make this year as pleasant as possible while undergoing the construction of our new and beautiful Shul, and truly appreciate your loyalty and support.
Many of you have made good suggestions to enhance our davening experience at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.  We have paid close attention to your comments and have instituted a number of your suggestions while working together with the Hillel staff on further details.


Some of the changes made include:
  • New Mechitzot for both the main minyan and the 9:30 Minyan (the latter will be changed in time for Shabbat Pinchas)
  • Sun-screening window coverings on the east windows in the gym to reduce the glare.
  • A specially built riser for the Main Minyan in the gym.  The riser will be placed in the center of the room with the shulchan on it so that everyone can see and hear the Chazan and the Torah reading (this will be ready for Shabbat Pinchas)
  • Water available at the entrance on Doheny for everyone to enjoy when they arrive on Shabbat morning.
  • A canopy has been hung where the Kiddush is served to shade the area.

The following improvements are in progress:

  •          Better signage
  •          Windows on the east side of the gym will be cleaned
  •          Carpet in the upper gym will be replaced
  •          East wall in the upper gym will be fixed and cleaned

We thank Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, our most gracious hosts, and their incredibly supportive staff, for all the help they have provided us and continue to provide us in making our experience as comfortable as possible.

Rabbi Elazar Muskin


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