Letter to Members (March 2016)

Adar Rishon, 5776
March, 2016
Dear Member,

After almost three years of planning and hundreds of hours of meetings by our Shul’s Building Committee, our Shul Board met at the end of October to review and vote approval of the building plans for our construction project.  Joe Kornwasser, Chairman of the Building Committee, together with Aric Zamel, our Treasurer and member of the Building Committee, as well as building committee member Ron Bookbinder, presented a report describing the scope of the project which will be transforming our campus to over double the size from our present 9675 sq. feet to 20,700 sq. feet. (Please see attachment, below, for a detailed description of the entire project).

Building Plans (PDF)

After hearing the building report, studying and reviewing its details and asking numerous questions, the Board voted overwhelmingly its approval for the project as developed by the Building Committee.  The Board instructed the Building Committee to proceed in obtaining:
1)     A bank loan to supplement fundraising and complete the project;
2)     Arrange a location for our daily Minyanim as well as our Friday night and Shabbat afternoon Minyan;
3)     Find a location for our Shabbat morning Tefilah that will allow us to offer all of our varied davening options as well as rooms for our vibrant youth program and Teen Minyan; and
4)     Secure space for our Shul office during construction.
We are delighted to inform you that the Building Committee has just informed us that they have been successful in all of these endeavors.  After much work our Treasurer, Aric Zamel, together with Joe Kornwasser were able to arrange the building loan at favorable rates and terms with Israel Discount Bank (IDB).  The bank loan is currently in its final stages and projected to close by early April.  The Committee also searched and found large and user friendly locations for our Shabbat morning Minyanim, daily Minyanim, Daf Yomi, weekly Shiurim and our Shul office.
Our plans are to move out of our Shul the week of March 27th.  The Shabbat following Purim (Shabbat March 26) will be our last Shabbat in our present Shul. We plan on starting construction on the week of April 4th.  The projected construction time will God willing be for 14-15 months. Our goal is to be back in our new Shul by the summer of 2017, in enough time to be using the new facility for the 2017 Yomim Noraim.
Throughout the entire process our goal is to minimize any disruption to our Shul’s routine and to avoid inconveniencing our members as much as possible.   In light of that we have arranged the following plans during construction:
a)     Our weekday as well as Friday night and Shabbat afternoon Minyanim will be held in the old Stan’s Produce Store in the adjacent shopping center immediately east of our building, and some of the Minyanim across the street at Pat’s Next Door.  It is our intention to continue offering all of our different daily Minyanim in these two locations.
b)     The Daf Yomi and Sunday morning Talmud class with Rabbi Dr. Fox will meet across the street at Pat’s Next Door.  We thank Errol and Pat Fine for their generosity in allowing us the use of this space.  All other Shiurim will take place at Stans.
c)     On Shabbat morning the Minyanim and youth programs will meet at Hillel Hebrew Academy where Rabbi Sufrin has graciously offered us the use of multiple rooms and gyms, allowing us to continue all of our varied Shabbat morning Minyanim that our members attend and enjoy.  This is the only facility in the entire neighborhood that allows us to run multiple Minyanim and our youth program all at the same time.  The exact locations of each Minyan will be communicated to you in a separate letter.  We will also help make arrangements to assist anyone who needs to get to Hillel and back home on Shabbat mornings.
d)     The Shul office will relocate to the 6th floor of the Citi Bank Building at Pico Blvd. and Beverly Drive.
Please note, this is the first of what promises to be constant communications with our membership describing our plans to begin construction and reports on our progress. With your support and loyalty our Shul will continue all of its varied and outstanding programs as outlined in our world class Program Calendar that you all have received.  Together this interim period outside of our building will offer us the opportunity to unite in support of our Shul and to strengthen our ties with what makes YICC the special Beit HaKnesset we all love.
Allow us to end by personally thanking the Building Committee chaired by Joe Kornwasser for all their time and devotion to this crucial project.  The Committee includes:  Seth Berkowitz, Ron Bookbinder, Robert Rosenberg, Sheri Schlesinger, Aric Zamel and Rabbi Muskin.
With warmest regards,
Gil Goldschein                                             Kathi Barnhard
President                                                     Board Chair
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