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Young Israel of Century City relies on generous donations to supplement its dues in order to support all the wonderful programs that are available to our congregants. If you are interested in offering support, please select a fund from those listed below, enter a donation amount, and click “Donate”.We request that all donations over $650 be sent by check.

Mail checks to:
Young Israel of Century City
9317 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

General Donation

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Kiddush Sponsorship

Price: $650.00

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Kiddush Co-Sponsorship

Price: $200.00

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Seudat Shlishit Sponsorship

Price: $225.00

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Mishloach Manot Purim Baskets

This donation is only for Mishloach Manot for the entire Synagogue. There are options to pay a smaller amount but we are not offering online payments for the smaller amounts.

Price: $285.00

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R”H Greeting Cards

Price: $50.00

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Rabbi Muskin’s Know Your Haggadah CDs


Vol 1. Not Available

Vol. II 8 CD’s – $50 for the set

  • How to Conduct a Seder
  • The Seder Plate – Part 1
  • The Seder Plate – Part 2
  • Kadesh Part 1
  • Kadesh Part 2
  • RecliningUrhatz & KarpasYachatz

Vol. III 4 CD’s – $36 for the set

  • The Wise Son
  • The Wicked Son
  • The Simple Son & The Son Who Doesn’t Know
  • Yachol M’Rosh Hodesh

Vol. IV 4 CD’s – $36 for the set

  • Mitchila Ovdei Avodah Zara
  • Baruch Shomer Havtachato L’Yisrael & V’he Sheamda
  • Tzeh U’Lemad
  • Arami Oved Avi

Vol. V 3 CD’s – $18 for the set

  • Vayotzeanu Hashem – God and Us
  • Vayareiu Otanu Hamitzrim – Egyptian Cruelty
  • Vanitzak el Hashem – The Power of Prayer

Vol. VI 3 CD’s – $18 for the set

  • Dayenu
  • Pesach, Matzah & Marror
  • Hayav Adam Lirot Et Atzmo

Vol. VII 3 CD’s – $18 for the set

  • The Ten Plagues – Part 1
  • The Ten Plagues – Part 2
  • The Ten Plagues – Part 3

Vol. VIII 3 CD’s – $18 for the set

  • Rabbi Yossi HaGlili
  • End of MaggidKorech – The Mother of all Sandwiches

Vol. IX 2 CD’s – $10 for the set

  • Birkat HaGeulah
  • Shulhan Arukh
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