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Minyan Attendance Guidleines

Guidelines For Attending ANY YICC Shul or Satellite Minyan

  • A mask must be worn, covering the nose and mouth, the entire time you are present at the minyan.
  • Attendees must be willing to have their temperature checked before entry.
  • All attendees must stay in your marked and designated location from when you arrive until you leave.
  • Attendees MUST sit separately unless with members of the same household.
  • Arrive ON TIME both for safety and as a courtesy to the mitpallelim.
  • Immediately notify the minyan coordinator if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms/concerns. Do not wait for more formal medical consultation and/or testing for confirmation. Do not attend minyanim until the symptoms and concerns are resolved, as determined by a competent medical professional.

Halakhic Guidelines for Minyanim

Live Streaming Weekly Minyanim
For all those who will not be able to attend Shacharit or Minha & Maariv during the week, we have purchased equipment that will allow us to live stream the Minyan directly from the Shul. While listening to the Minyan at home you will be able to answer all Brakhot, respond to Kaddish, Borchu and Kedusha but you will not be able to say Kaddish in your home. You can only recite Kaddish if you are physically present at the Minyan.

Tue, May 11 2021 29 Iyyar 5781