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Minyan Attendance Guidleines

Please note: These criteria allow one to choose to attend a minyan, they do not obligate one to do so; one is certainly entitled to be more cautious and continue to daven at home. 

Who Can Register and Attend?

You may only register and attend a YICC minyan if you are free from ALL of the COVID-19 symptoms as described by the CDC such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,  fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.  Anyone without these specific symptoms but does not feel well may not attend.

If you have been infected with COVID-19 or have self-quarantined because of exposure to an individual infected with or suspected to have been infected with COVID-19, you must be symptom free for at least 2 weeks before attending.

We encourage those over the age of 65 or in a high-risk group (e.g. diabetic, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease etc.) to consult with their physician before attending a Minyan at this time.

Children are allowed to attend but they must wear a mask and remain with their accompanying adult at all times.

If after registering you are no longer able to adhere to the above guidelines, please notify the Minyan coordinator as soon as possible and under no circumstances attend a Minyan, even if it means leaving a particular group without ten.

Minyan Locations and Registration

During the week Minyanim for Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv will be taking place at YICC only. On Shabbat there will be Friday night and Shabbat morning Minyanim taking place at YICC as well as multiple outdoor, satellite locations throughout the neighborhood. 

Minyan attendance will be strictly limited to those who have signed up in advance via our online registration system using Google sheets (links below).

 Weekday Minyanim (at YICC only)

There will be 3 time slots available for Shacharit and one for Mincha/Maariv.

Shabbat Minyanim

Thanks to many of our members we are able to offer minyanim at various locations throughout the community. All satellite Minyanim will start at 9am and will adhere strictly to our safety guidelines. There will also be 2 minyanim taking place at YICC (7:15am & 9am).

For links please scroll to the top of the page. Please ensure to include your cell number.

Guidelines For Attending ANY YICC Shul or Satellite Minyan

  • Pre-registration is required for ALL minyanim. Please do not visit minyanim you are not registered for.
  • A mask must be worn, covering the nose and mouth, the entire time you are present at the minyan.
  • Attendees must be willing to have their temperature checked before entry.
  • All attendees must stay in your marked and designated location from when you arrive until you leave.
  • Attendees MUST sit separately, even members of the same household. (This is to enable attendees to abide by the markings and designated areas, whereas if families sit together the pre-marked measurements will become inaccurate).
  • Arrive ON TIME both for safety and as a courtesy to the mitpallelim.
  • Bring all your own needed items (siddur, tallit/tefillin). None of these items will be provided.
  • For Satellite Minyanim, there will NOT BE ACCESS TO A BATHROOM. Please choose a Satellite minyan in close proximity to your home or consider choosing to attend a Minyan at YICC where there will be access if needed.
  • Immediately notify the minyan coordinator if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms/concerns. Do not wait for more formal medical consultation and/or testing for confirmation. Do not attend minyanim until the symptoms and concerns are resolved, as determined by a competent medical professional.

Halakhic Guidelines for Minyanim

1) Shacharit Minyanim will begin with Birkhot HaSahar.
2) The Chazan will open and close the Aron when taking out and returning the Torah from the Aron.
3) One person will be sent to open the Aron for Anim Zemirot.
4) The Chazan will take the Torah directly to the Shulchan. No kissing of the Torah by members of the Minyan.
5) All Aliyot will be given to the Bal Kriah. He will make a Brakha both before and after each Aliyah.
6) Only 7 Aliyot are recited. There is no Maftir. The Hatzi Kaddish is recited after the Haftorah is completed before starting Y’kum Purkan.
7) The Bal Kriah should also say the Haftorah.
8) One person, besides the Bal Kriah, will do both Haggbah and Gelila. After lifting the Torah for Haggbah the Torah will be placed on the Shulchan and then he will perform Gelila while the Torah is on the Shulchan.
9) There will be no circulating of the Tzedakh boxes during the week. Anyone wishing to give Tzedakah will do it on their own.

Live Streaming Weekly Minyanim
For all those who will not be able to attend Shacharit or Minha & Maariv during the week, we have purchased equipment that will allow us to live stream the Minyan directly from the Shul. While listening to the Minyan at home you will be able to answer all Brakhot, respond to Kaddish, Borchu and Kedusha but you will not be able to say Kaddish in your home. You can only recite Kaddish if you are physically present at the Minyan.

You can download and print these guidelines by clicking below

Minyan Attendance Guidelines

Halakhic Guidelines for Minyanim

Sat, February 27 2021 15 Adar 5781