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The YICC Parasha Club

Following last year's great success we are please to launch for the second year the YICC Parasha Club! To join please choose a parasha from the list below and learn it, together with a commentary of your choosing, with a chavruta (learning partner), a friend, your spouse or family.

Commitment to learning Torah is the hall mark of the Orthodox Jewish community. The Mishna instructs us that the ignorant can't be pious. Learning is the lifeline of our very existence. It is to this end that we offer a growing number of educational initiatives with a broad appeal, to facilitate and encourage Torah learning throughout the community.

An area of limmud Torah which we would like to focus on as a community is the importance of learning together with family or friends, so that growth in Torah becomes a shared experience. We believe that through the exploration of Torah and the sharing of Torah insights, not only will our home's benefit from the Kol Torah, the voice of Torah, but our relationships will also be greatly enhanced. In today's fast paced world, spending time with one's spouse, family and friends, is now more important than ever and if we can devote time to growing in Torah together we will see tremendous gains.

With this in mind please join the community as we come together to learn the entire Chumash in 80 days, culminating with a Grand Siyum on Shavuot. Please take advantage of this exciting learning opportunity that will take place in the comfort of your home. Choose a parasha from the list below and learn it, together with a commentary of your choosing, with a chavruta (learning partner), your spouse or family.

All those who participate will be featured both on our Parasha Club Board located in the Shul lobby and in our weekly seat announcement.

Fri, June 5 2020 13 Sivan 5780